Local Cycles

The last month has seen the worst of the Dundee weather, bitterly cold, plenty of snow and howling winds. Whilst we have managed to get the odd turbo trainer session in (including a 6 hour ‘tag team’ session on Dundee high street!) we’ve been limited to what we can bare in the local cycles to Errol and St Andrews. Spring is meant to be on it’s way (we’ll see) so hopefully we can get in a few 100 milers over the next month!



So after a late dinner party  and a couple of glasses of wine the night before we decided to tackle the Dundee-Perth circular route which we’ve been meaning to do for a while. The weather was overcast but bright to Perth where we tackled the short but brutal 20% gradient hill into Perth, also notching up the 1000th mile on my odometer. Knowing that since I’d installed the odometer I’d only just reached the distance of our route put into perspective the distance we’ll have to cover over just 10 days.Perth CircularAfter Perth the weather took a turn for the worst – freezing cold rain and gusting winds meant that we we were eventually leaning on our handlebars rather than gripping onto them and trying to reign in the undulating terrain between Perth and the Tay Bridge became a bit of a battle. A surely stunning training route in good weather, a hot bath was most definitely needed to thaw out once we’d finished.

ImageSo after completing our Masters (fingers crossed!) and before we attempt the hike to Base Camp Everest, Jen and I have decided to go for a wee 1000 mile cycle in June of this year. In 10 days we propose to cover the distance between Lands End and John O’Groats, a gruelling average of 100 miles a day, in order to raise money to help children’s charity, Childreach International. Jen did this same distance in 2011 in fourteen days so she understands the challenge ahead of us (maybe I’ll convince her to take a map or two this time!) and as training begins so does fundraising. Please reach as deep as you can and help us to raise money for Childreach International, and give us something to pedal faster for!


Extra large donations may even encourage me to grow some mutton chops for the occasion!